Are There Chiropractic Adjustment Side Effects on Neck Pain?

Are There Chiropractic Adjustment Side Effects on Neck Pain?

The neck or cervical spine is the part of the spine which is the most delicate, since it is the place of spinal cord and functions as head supporter and blood flow regulator to the brain. Some injuries and muscle strains can cause pain on the neck. The best way to treat neck pain is through chiropractic care.

Instead of using the traditional approach which involves high-velocity rotation, the neck pain can be treated through the use of gentle chiropractic adjustment which involves low velocity and low amplitude. There are many reasons that some chiropractors prefer to use this gentle chiropractic adjustment for neck pain:

  1. Patients prefer this approach

The high-velocity thrust makes some patients feel uncomfortable when applied to treat the neck pain. The gentle chiropractic care does not involve the twist on the neck so there will be no joint popping like what we usually hear on the traditional approach. And this way makes some patients feel more comfortable.

  1. Some chiropractors may have best experience with this approach

One certain technique is chosen by some chiropractors rather than the other because they probably have the best experience and skill with it. Several approaches are usually utilized when treating patients, along with some modification and adaptation done based on the needs of the patients.

  1. There may be some contraindications

The traditional chiropractic adjustment sometimes cannot be tolerated by some patients. Some prior injuries that result in certain types of spinal ability may require this gentle approach. Other conditions that require the gentle approach include:

  • Recent or acute trauma
  • Conditions where patients are still in acute inflammatory phase, including spondyloarthopathy and arthropathy
  • Metastasis (over tumor)
  • Acute myelopathy
  • Acute, unstable fractures
  • Cauda equina-like syndrome (cervical cord compression)
  • Down Syndrome and other cases where spinal instability is suspect

So, are there side effects of chiropractic adjustment for neck pain? The answer is that the side effects of chiropractic adjustments can be avoided when performed by experienced and certified chiropractors. Patients can consult to the chiropractors about which approach they prefer to treat their neck pain: the traditional or the gentle technique.