Back pain can happen to anyone due to many causes, including sport injuries, heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, and many more. The pain can be mild, moderate, constant, sudden, or debilitating.

Back Pain Solutions

One of the solutions to treat back pain is by visiting a chiropractor. You can go to back pain clinic of chiropractor to have back pain diagnosis. The first visit to a chiropractor will usually last for 30-60 minutes. In order to know your treatment goals and health history, you will be asked many questions, including current health problems, past illnesses and injuries, diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep habits, any medicine you took or are taking, use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, mental stresses (if any), and some other additional questions.

Be honest to your chiropractor about any physical problems you have to avoid any complications in the treatment. The chiropractor will tell you the contraindications of the treatments for some health conditions. Telling the chiropractor about any nerve problems, including tingling, numbing, and weakness can be much helpful for the treatment.

After asking you those question, the chiropractor will do a physical exam which include the test of your spinal mobility. Besides, blood pressure check and X-rays will also be done to determine which treatment is the best for you.

On the second visit, the spinal manipulation will start to be applied to you. You will be asked to lie on a special table. The chiropractor will do some controlled force to your joints. They will also move a joint in your spine to the end of its range, which is followed by a light thrust. Massage and other works on the tissue may also be done to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

As a way for the body to adjust to the new alignment, some patients may feel tired, stiff, or achy. That is normal. In a couple of days, this disturbance will be gone.

A patient usually needs more than one session to completely cure their back pain. The treatments can last for several weeks, with 10-20 minutes for each session. When the chiropractor sees some improvements in your pain, you may only need to visit the clinic once a week. For further back pain management, having a regular visit to chiropractor is much recommended.