Benefits of Chiropractic for Kids

Benefits of Chiropractic for Kids

Is chiropractic care for children needed? Many parents aware about the health of their kids start wondering about this issue. It is reported that a huge number of parents choose chiropractic care as alternative and natural forms of health care for their kids.

Is It Safe for Kids to Have Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic treatment is 100% natural, involving no surgery and no drugs. A number of studies have been conducted which prove that chiropractic care for kids is safe and effective. The chiropractor will not give the same amount of force like they apply on mature patients. To make it easy to understand, the force given by chiropractor to a kid will be the same as when you test a ripe tomato at grocery store. Yes, it is as gentle as that. Therefore, parents should not be worried their kids will feel discomfort or pain during the treatment.

Though the basic premise of chiropractic care is the same no matter what the age of the patient is, there is a stage of development in kids which determines the level or type of chiropractic care. Since kids have not subjected as much abuse as older people have, they generally will respond faster than adults.

Why Do Kids Need Chiropractic Care?

The forces applied in chiropractic care are beneficial for optimal bone development. Since kids’ nervous system is developing in a rapid pace, as rapid as the skeletal growth, parents need to regularly control its development. Nervous system includes the spinal cord, brain, and millions of nerves that serve and control most functions of every inch of your body.

What parents must know is that pain is not the primary system in kids which makes it difficult for parents to know when kids need to visit chiropractor. Therefore, having regular visit to chiropractor is highly recommended. However, there are also some signs which show your kids need chiropractic help, such as when your kids have postural changes, your kids only want to breastfeed from one side, or if your kids run with a limp.

Since pain does not always present, it is better for parents to bring their kids to chiropractic clinic regularly. Here is an example of chiropractic visit schedule for infants: first five months of life, every 3 months in the first year, and every 6-12 months every year thereafter.

There are some other cases when visiting chiropractor is a must, such as when you notice head tilting and any sign of imbalance, when your kids just fall or experience trauma, or on the kids’ important milestones, such when they start sitting up, crawling, walking, etc.