Neck Pain Chiropractic

Neck Pain Chiropractic

Neck spinal problem can happen because of some reasons. Originally, this neck problem can occur during the birth process and as our body grows. Other non-natural reasons, such as accident, falling, sport activities, bad postures, and some stress also can cause neck spinal problem. Besides neck pain, patients can also feel stiffness in the neck area.

Another factor contributing in neck pain is trauma, which is caused by what we call “whiplash”, that happens when there is a sudden movement in the head, either backwards and forwards or sideways, which leads to injuries. Some accidents, for instance, can jerk your head back and forth beyond its normal limit of stretch. And this kind of trauma needs very serious chiropractic examination.

Neck pain chiropractic can also be used to cure neck pain caused by repetitive strain injuries (RSI), or what is also popularly known as overuse. There is breakdown in soft tissues which happens in a constant process. RSI happens when there is mechanical irritation which agitates the balance of the body. The repeated physical activities can damage some of the tendons, nerve muscles, and ligaments. In some cases, RSI can also develop in arm and hand area.

When RSI occurs, patients can feel pain, stiffness, discomfort, and tightness in the neck, as well arms and hands. When this condition worsens, the hand can become numb, cold, tingling and even lose strength and coordination. If you feel that the symptoms are getting more progressive, call a chiropractor back pain for a help.

When all trauma and stresses are accumulated, you will experience wear and tear or joint degeneration. The spine has been serving as the weight bearer in our life, and when degenerative changes happen to the spine, we will start having joint degeneration with some symptoms including stiffness and reduced spinal mobility. The effects of aging can also worsen this spinal problem. However, you are never too late to cure yourself. Asking a help from a chiropractor is a thing you need to do as soon as possible.

Besides healing all those problems above, a chiropractor will help you recognize bad posture which is also one factor contributing in the spinal pain. If you sit for a long time in the office, the pressure on the discs in your low back will probably be doubled. In fact, muscles in our body prefer to be used dynamically. So, when you are forced to have static position for quite a long time, the muscles in the lower back, neck, arms and legs will be affected. In long period, this will cause the weakened spine and fatigued muscle, which result in slumped posture. In the end, this slumped posture will consequently lead to some spinal pains, one of which is neck pain.

Neck pain chiropractic is what you need to help cure all of those situations. The spinal adjustment will be undergone to restore the health of your spine and neck. Besides relieving from pain and stiffness, this adjustment will improve your mobility. Your chiropractor will also recommend you to do some other things such as neck exercise, heat/ice therapy, choosing contoured pillow, and postural advice to avoid further strain.